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Romanian stock set

Polish Wood

Tantal folding AK stock

East German and Romanian AK grips

Russian Izhevsk Arsenal AK74 folding stock

Simmons Scope, G3 mags, AR15 Mags

I have the following for sale... don't be afraid to make serious trade offers for AK related items. The price you see is "my best price" so please refrain from low-balling and tire kicking. Email or IM for more pictures. I will accept USPS money orders or cashiers checks as payment only. Any other form of payment will be sent back.

#1) Refinished Romanian "G" AK stockset. I took pictures of it both inside and outside. It is the one pictured on top in the outside pictures. The upper hanguard has a hairline crack in the surface which is how it came when I received the kit but I don't think it will hurt it any. No metal hardware included. $40 shipped SPF

#2) Polish handguard set $35 shipped Sold

#3) Tantal folding AK stock with necessary mounting hardware...i.e.; rear block, mounting screw and roll pins $60 shipped SPF

#4) Used Yugoslavian AK slant muzzle brake $10 shipped

#5) Used East German AK pistol grip, brown plastic. Was mounted on a Saiga and there is a spot on the inside of the grip that was slightly dremeled out for proper fit of the pistol grip to the trigger guard. Purely cosmetic and won't affect function $10 shipped

#6) Used in nice shape, Romanian AK grip made of the reddish polymer $10 shipped SPF

#7) Russian AK74 folding buttstock. Manufactured by Izhevsk Arsenal. Never attached to a rifle, BRAND SPANKIN' NEW. No mounting hardware included. Will not fit Bulgarian rear blocks without modification. $100 shipped Sold

#8) Simmons .22 Mag 4x32 matte stainless scope. No rings included. $25 shipped

#9) Aluminum 20 round G3 mags. No sales to CA, HI, MA or NJ. $10 shipped for the pair

#10) Two 30 round Thermold AR15 mags hardly used. No sales to CA, HI, MA or NJ $30 shipped for the pair
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