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I will only accept a USPS money order for these rifles. The first person to post an "I'll take it" followed by a PM gets the rifle. I will only ship this to states where it is legal. Sold as is. Please ask any and all questions ahead of time. *Cross Posted*. I'm located in Cincinnati, OH

First up is a Waffen Werks AK54R in 7.62x54R with less than 100 rounds fired through it. I did have some failure to feed when I took it to the range. Although I only had 1 magazine that would fit the rifle so I couldn't test other mags. This rifle will NOT come with any mags. It was built off of a Romanian PSL kit with original cut down chrome-lined barrel on a square back Nodak receiver. It has the bayonet lug and removable muzzle brake.

Price is $1,010 shipped. Insurance is an additional $11.20. ****WITHDRAWN****[


Next up is a 2002 Romanian SAR-1 with all matching numbers. The finish on this rifle is terrible and there are scratches everywhere on the finish. The barrel is bright and shiny. This rifle has the old Century trigger in it, which has some trigger slap, but not bad. The sights are slightly canted, but the front sight is on the point of aim. This will not come with any magazines.

Price is $555 shipped. Insurance is an additional $8.20. ***Withdrawn***


Next up is a new Vepr 12 with a fixed stock. I never got a chance to shoot this so it must go! It will come with a 5 round magazine and nothing else. No box or any other accessories included.

Price is $1,075 Shipped. Insurance is an additional $11.20

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