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UPDATE..(9/3/12).....PLEASE READ
THERE IS NO NEED TO ASK IF TOOLS ARE AVAILABLE, AS I MAKE UP SEVERAL EVERY WEEK. If you are paying via Pay Pal, please do so and I will get an email notification from them. If paying with a money order, PM me for my mailing addy.

Available again.

This tool locates the front rivet hole location on undrilled AK receivers. For this tool to work, the barrel will need to be pressed out of the front trunnion.
It will also locate the rear trunnion holes on under folder trunnions.
This tool can also be used to find blind holes in other type builds.
Instructions included.

Here's what builders that bought the tool said:

"It is like an x-ray vision tool without the x-ray's...
Simple idea that takes a job that is a pain in the .... and makes it a simple task. "

"I bought one of these and I give a thumbs up on this locator for sure. I used it on a couple of AK builds. It worked great. On one it helped locate where to cut for converting a regular flat to an underfolder."

"I just got mine. This is a great little tool and will save me a ton of time........ especially now that I don't have to fix my screw ups.
Thanks again, SF!"

I accept Pay Pal. Total is $20.92.
[email protected]

If interested, PM me for payment options and more info.
Please remember to include your username with payment.


1 - 20 of 94 Posts
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