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WTS AK Parts **pics** Everything is SOLD

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Thinning out some spare parts I have too many of. So, I have the following AK parts for sale.
Prices include shipping CONUS.
Post here first with an "I'll take it", then PM for payment instructions.
USPS or major money orders ONLY. Prompt payment please.

Note: listed on other boards. Time stamp will determine 1st buyer.

To wrap this thread up, $20 will get you the remaining items:
Remaining items are SOLD

#1 Import FCG w/disconnector and spring $10 SPF
#2 Disconnector w/spring $7 each All SPF
#3 Buttstock screws $2 per 2 (3 sets) ALL SPF
#4 Hammers w/spring $5 ea. All SPF
#5 Romy LHG retainer $10 SPF
#6 Barrel pressing jig (Used to support f/trunnion while pressing barrel into trunnion after riveting) $22 Works GREAT. SPF
#7 TAPCO grip screw & block NIW $7 ea. Both SPF
#8 Romy selector lever $10 SPF
#9 Muzzle locking pin w/spring $7 ea. All SPF
#10 Rivet set for Romy fixed stock (correct rivets) $7 SPF
#11 Trigger/hammer pivot pins $4 per set of 2 All SPF
#12 & #14 Romy stock/trunnion and TG $30 ea. (2 available) Both SPF
#13 & #15 Romy stock w/screws $10 ea. Both SPF
#16 Romy stock w/trunnion $20 SPF
#17 Romy grips $6 (Buy one, get the other free) SPF

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saern said:
i'll take #3 and #7 :smile:
How many sets of #3 do you want?
I'll take #1.
Second in line for #12 and #14
I'll take #9 Muzzle locking pin w/spring $7 ea.

PM sent.
j_tudeski said:
I'll take #9 Muzzle locking pin w/spring $7 ea.

PM sent.
1 set sold PF.
Need to wrap up this thread.
New offer to do so.
I'll take whats left
dyi said:
I'll take whats left
All items remaining are yours.
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