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I've got some AK stuff to sell.
Prices do not include shipping. I accept money order and Credit cards.
Florida addresses pay 7% sales tax.

#1. Romanian "G" AK Parts Kit - READY TO BUILD
- Matching numbers on main parts (wood may be different number)
- All rivets have been removed
- Barrel pin removed, barrel removed from front trunnion
- Furniture has been stripped, sanded and refinished w/ gloss poly
- No full auto parts included, disconnector missing
- Light rust at connection point on selector lever.
- Chrome Lined barrel
$275.00 REDUCED TO $250

#2. Yugo M92 Underfolder Stock Ass'y and Virgin Trunnion
- Fits standard thickness (1.05mm) AK receivers (Yugo M70, M72 are thicker and the rear trunnion would have to be modified (narrowed) to fit).
- Rear Trunnion has not been drilled for stock
$135.00 SOLD cajun90yj

#3. Yugo M92 Selector Lever
- New from virgin kit
- Original notch to hold bolt open
$30.00 -Sold

#4. Yugo M92 lower handguard retainer
- New from virgin kit
$22.00 -SOLD

#5. AK Bolt and Carrier
- Comes w/ piston
- 7.62x39
$79.00 REDUCED TO $75.00

6. Romanian Barrel Ass'y
- From "G" kit, dated 1981
- Rivets have been ground flush w/ receiver stub
- Light pitting on outside of barrel
- 7.62x39
- Chrome Lined barrel
- Wood, gas tube and cleaning rod not included
$109.00 SOLD cajun90yj

Contact me with any questions.
[email:2yfv7yhh][email protected][/email:2yfv7yhh]


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#4. Yugo M92 lower handguard retainer
- New from virgin kit

I'll take it.

eta: email sent

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