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First to say “I’ll take it” and then follow up by PM or EMAIL PLEASE [email protected]
********** PLEASE MARK “I’LL TAKE IT” **********
Payment via M/O or PayPal - PayPal (3%) Please send payment to: [email protected]
All prices are shipped via USPS. I ship the same day if payment is received by 2pm CDT
All parts are located in Denton TX 76209; More pictures on request. This OBO sale

More Pics on request.
***SPF to Dogshark***Yugo M-92 Stock Assmbely W/Trunnon: 125.00 Shipped O.B.O.****SHIPPED****

AK Builder top rail scribe Like New: 15.00 shipped O.B.O.
Oem Saiga Stock 8.00.00 shipped O.B.O.
US Black PG 5.00 shipped O.B.O
***SPF to truckbeck***US Beige PG 8.00 shipped O.B.O. ****SHIPPED****
***SPF***Yugo PG New 10.00 Shipped O.B.O.
***SPF to Dogshark***Yugo M70 ButtStock Screw w/nut 15.00 Shipped OBO ****SHIPPED****
***SPF to truckbeck***Yugo Grenafe Spicket 15.00 Shipped OBO ****SHIPPED****
***SPF to truckbeck***Yugo Boyo Match Numb N/Frog 25.00 Shipped OBO ****SHIPPED****
***SPF to truckbeck***Polish Bayo No Scabbar 12.00 Shipped OBO ****SHIPPED****
***SPF to junpo***Tula Bayo Scabar 15.00 Shipped OBO ****SHIPPED****

***SPF to chefbeef***Ak Builder US Made GP w/rivet 12.00 shipped each OBO ****SHIPPED****

***SPF to Shandlanos*** Lot Unknown Orgin 2 Screw Build Kits w/drill bits and taps 30.00 shipped OBO

Lower handguards 2 Yugo w/farrels 3 AKM
***SPF to junpo***1st Yugo 12.00 shipped OBO,****SHIPPED****
***SPF to makaroo***2nd Yugo 12.00 Shipped OBO, ****SHIPPED****
1st AKM 20.00 Shipped OBO,
***SPF to Schultz***2nd AKM Blond 25.00 Shipped OBO,
3rd AKM 12.00 Cracked repaired needs to be sanded

***SPF to Prototype Services***Lot Trigger groups Barrel Pins 20.00 shipped OBO

Receiver Flats w/rail & Center Support
***SPF to slidinsideways***AK Builder AKM Flat Steped Trimmed W/Suppot 20.00 Shipped OBO
***SPF to makaroo***Ak Builder AKM Flat W/Support 20.00 Shipped OBO ****SHIPPED****
Tapco AKM Flat W/Support 15.00 Shipped OBO

Factory Yugo rivet set , trigger group, and pin set from a virgin kit 25.00 shipped OBO

***SPF***AK Laminate Furniture Set 4 Piece New Never Mounted 100.00 Shipped OBO

***SPF to chefbeef*** Yugo M70/M72 Virgin Top Cover No/Numbers 25.00 Shipped OBO
***SPF to chefbeef*** Yugo M70 Virgin Selector N/Numbers 25.00 Shipped OBO

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Sorry it took me so long to post this after our PM''s

But per our arrangement.

I will take

Yugo PG New 10.00 Shipped O.B.O.
AK Laminate Furniture Set 4 Piece New Never Mounted 100.00 Shipped OBO

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