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Here i'm selling some extra bits and bobs, i would also gladly trade any number of these items for the following
Yugo SKS M59\66 dustcover and recoil spring
Yugo SKS leather sling
Yugo M70 receiver and rivets
Yugo M70 solid stock
Balkan war trench art
Chinese T56 AK bayonet and lug as well as furniture

Buyer pays shipping, paypal preferred, PM me if you want more pictures. Please be specific.
Thanks friends!

Polymer Grips-- 4$ apiece
AKS74U muzzle cone-- 30$
AKM dust cover SPF
AKM fire selection lever-- SPF
M70 Bolt carrier/bolt/recoil spring-- SPF
tacticool SKS dust cover-- 15$
Tapco mag-- 5$
wood grips-- 15$ apiece
tacticool grips/attachments-- 15$ apiece
clusterfuck.png 19198376_1194819383977058_1020941074_n.jpg 19206229_1194819377310392_567139076_n.jpg 19190712_1194819370643726_1683854092_n.jpg
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