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WTS-Stuff *updated*

USPS MO, or discrete Paypal + fees. First "I'll Take It" rules. Cross posted
Shipping will be USPS-Priority $5.80/small, $12.35/medium, $17.45 large, can ship small items in padded envelope for $3.30

*SPF*New K-var AK-104B barrel assembly $275

Maadi selector $10

*SPF*Polish cleaning items $5

US grips(x2) $5 each

Romanian MD.90 upper & lower hand guard $20

Ak74 rear trunnion $10

*SPF*Dungeon Design etch templates $15 for both

US set & Mak90 set $5 for both

*SPF*All matching 1963 Romanian MD.63 kit $450-Rear trunnion was missing so comes with doughnut hole not the correct hourglass. Kit looks amazing for the year and the wood is just awesome.

*SOLD*Pulled romy G barrel $125
*SOLD*Romanian bakelite grip $10
*SOLD*Romanian MD.90 side folder w/screws $85
*SOLD*Romanian upper hand guard $10
*SOLD*Mpi-km lower hand guard(new)$15
*SOLD*Romanian early hardwood butt stock $35
*SOLD*Maadi blue grip $20
*SOLD*Ak74 rear trunnion $15, *SOLD*Maadi rear trunnion $20, *SOLD*M70 rear stub $30
*SOLD*All matching #'s K-var plum 74 kit, $325 Super nice looking kit most parts are still heat sealed
*SOLD*Arabic marked Maadi trunnion $100
*SOLD*All matching #'s Maadi crutch, Arabic rsb $350
*SOLD*All matching #'s AMD 65, looks unfired $325
*SOLD*Matching trunnion,bolt & carrier. Hungarian AMMS $350, rsb has the torching but an extra amms rsb is included.
*SOLD*New Atlantic firearms CL Barrel $110
*SOLD*2 new E. German 74 mags $105

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I will take the East German AK-74 mags NIW. PM sent...

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I will take the Egyptian kit
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