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**Please note my camera date stamp is off a bit**
First one up is a custom creation that would have gone on my Romy G. It is designed to look similar to a Krink handguard. All walnut wood. It hasn't been installed yet. After sanding down to 320 grade, I finished this set with 5 coats of RIT Scarlet and Dark Brown dye, sanded down to 600 grade, 4 coats of Tung oil and 4 coats of wood wax. The finish is smooth and clean.

Asking $65 shipped

Next up is an Ironwood Designs set I just received from Matt yesterday. Walnut wood grip, walnut upper and lower handguard. The lower handguard is has the 'bulgy' sides.

Selling as complete set

Asking $80 shipped *** Sold

I accept MO or 'pay buddy'. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking
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