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We have have 2 of each in stock and ready to ship. We also have the Hogue Black Grips in stock and ready to ship.

AK Flat Bending Jig
The lower die will work with either the 1mm or 1.5mm flats, but it will take a separate punch for the 1mm or 1.5mm flats. These are for my newest flats that have the top rails already bent over and trimmed. The flat alignment is done using the trigger guard holes not the 1/8" holes. My next run of flats will be made without the 1/8" holes so it will be next to impossible to tell the difference between a factory made US receiver and one built in your garage.

This new design eliminates the flex of the welded together base which will give better dimension control of the width of the bent receiver. The other advatages are the radiused entrance into the die which makes it possible to bend the flats with less pressure. Springback control is also built-in with the new die set since we are not bending the top rail. When you bent the top rail on the old jig and used the step down with the supports the receivers would come out fairly square. Using the flats with the top rail already cut won't allow any springback control. So the answer to everybody's question of can we bend the new flat on the old jigs is yes and no. Yes you can bend it, but it will not come out as good as using the new die set. When you take into consideration the time saved by not trimming your top rails and how you can make a better receiver than before should be the goal of any builder.

All flats will have the step in the top rail as well as the angled cut on the rail behind the front trunnion.

http://powercustom.com/store/index.php? ... cts_id=969

AK-Builder Rivet Tool
Are you ready for a completely new riveting tool? This is based on Plinker's original riveting jig as well as a modification from another AK gunsmith and upgraded with my own special touches.

The large round ram and the ram arm are made from 4140 alloy steel and heat treated. There is only one ram that presses the rear of the rivet and it is captured so it won't pivot left or right. The ram will reach the rear rivet on the underfolder/sidefolder trunnions.

I have designed the rivet head supports and dimpling tools after the parts made in the aircraft industry. The dimple tool is stepped so that if you press it in too much it won't leave any marks that will be visible after installing the swell neck rivet.

The rivet support is rounded off to keep from having a dent put into the receiver from using small rectangle blocks with indentions for rivets. There will only be one size made for the rivets that we sell.

This uses the same basic design as Plinker's long rivet jig. The rivet centering tools and head forming tools are basically the same, but will be modified slightly. With this tool you can install the long rivet on the front of the Yugo/RPK bulged front trunnions. It will even let you look at the head as it's being formed so you can see what it looks like before removing the receiver from the jig. The key to having a nice rivet head is centering the ram over the rivet before forming the head.

The long rivet jig is the best way to set the center support rivet. I've tried it with the regular jigs before and it has a tendency to crush the rails around the center support. The way this tool works it focuses all of the energy in a straight line down into the rivet and will consistently work better than any other method. It may not be as fast as just hitting the rivet with a hammer, but it will form a much nicer rivet head.

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AK-47/AK-74 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves $24.95
AK-47/AK-74 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves Made in the USA. This is the best grip in the World for your AK-47.

http://powercustom.com/store/index.php? ... cts_id=775

Randall Power
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