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All items are located in VA and cross posted. First "I'll take it" followed by PM wins the item. All items are priced with shipping and will ship via USPS with tracking. Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks or USPS money order.

If any additional pics or info are required let me know and I'll get to it ASAP.


Lee 4 hole turret press with (3) 4 hole turrets, Lee auto-disk powder measure with all (4) powder discs, Lee auto-disk powder measure riser (to allow for clearance of the Safety Prime system) and the Lee large and small primer 'Safety Prime' primer systems. Used for ~1,500rds of .45ACP, .40S&W and 9mm total. This was my first press and while it's great for pistol, I got a Dillon 550 once I started doing rifle reloading as well. Great press to learn on since you can remove the auto-indexing rod and learn on it in 'single-stage mode' before putting it back in to get 200rds an hour put together. $150 SPF

1977 dated Soviet bandage. $5

R&R Racing Mag release. Very similar to the the new designs being put out on the Vepr12s in Europe. $90

Ventilated Poly-choke II for Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 shotguns. A couple of spots of surface rust from 3gun matches last summer which got rained on. $65 SPF

AK-336R from K-var. 7.62x39mm calibrated Russian rear sight block. Factory new and unused. $30

SAW grip with screw. $15 SPF

Tromix DIY Screw on trigger guard with 3 screws. $30 SPF

Krebs rear sight rail with all hardware. Minor scratches on the top from where an optic was mounted. $250 SPF

Marlin 60 .22lr rifle. Been a great shooter, but it just doesn't get any range time anymore since my nephew has graduated to full size rounds. Comes with a UTG 4X32 Mil-dot scope and scope base. $150 shipped from me to your FFL. If your FFL requires a rifle to come from another FFL it'll be an additional $40.

Unknown manufacturer 24mm dovetail mount scope rings. $15

Bushmaster 11.5" barreled A2 style upper receiver with FA bolt carrier and charging handle. This must be used on an AR pistol, SBR or machinegun. “P” and “M” marked upper receiver “CROWN” FSB, 600/700 series handguards, pre-late1980S forward assist button, A2 delta ring, round front sight post (all date ranges and identifiers on the parts found in the AR15.com AR parts identification guide) $500 SPF

Unknown manufacturer 10.5" 9mm blowback upper with rail system and 9mm A2 style flash hider. The receiver itself has an "A" and "C" in the recess just below the rear sight drum wheel on the ejection port side of the receiver. The front sight base has an "A" then R1 in a circle and then a "1" on the ejection port side of it. The rail system is an A.R.M.S 50 M-CV and there's a "6/98" on the barrel just behind the front handguard retainer. No bolt or charging handle with this one. $350 SPF

AR carry handle pic mount. Brand new, never mounted. $20

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