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Springs are made from Chrome Silicon, which is a premium material, very durable and long life.
Springs are made to exceed original specifications. They come in greased sealed packs.

$24 shipped priority mail with delivery conf sent within 24 hours. Paypal, gunpal, M.O., personal check payments accepted.

gunpal or paypal (please add $1.55 for fees) address [email protected]

Being a new guy here I have no problem shipping prior to payment. Yes, you can pay when item is in hand. I only ask that you are a veteran member with 3 months on the AK forum for this option. I feel if you can trust me, I can trust you.

M.O., personal check, address
George Etchason
9385 W. 750 N.
Shipshewana,IN 46565

I would like to vendor on the Ak forum. I have refs if needed. This will be the only thread I run until approved. Then I can offer a variety of items at very fair pricing. I have never had a negative rep against me. Could a staff member please PM me.


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How much for a set without the rate reducer and Safety sear spring?

No need to buy parts I can never use.
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