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More cleaning and thinning of the collection –

All prices asked do NOT include actual shipping charges.

Buyer responsible for actual shipping & insurance costs - no added handling or packaging fees. Items shipped from New Hampshire zip code 03033


First person sends an EMAIL to me saying ""I will Purchase the Item"" and makes a firm commitment -> gets the item,.. until then I will answer all questions, and item is available until firmly committed to me by email . When emailing, please send all your pertinent address info for ship cost calculations

NO PMs or Posting to the forum listing saying ""I'll take it""......don't waste your time and bandwidth
I can not see PM’s or the forum website behind the work firewall, and this is posted on multiple forums -> thus the request for contact and commit to purchase via email –
Also, this posting is being placed on multiple web forums, and I can’t monitor them all for the first PM.

Thank You..

My email address:

[email protected]

************************************************** *

WTS 7.62x45 ammunition

15 rounds per box, on stripper clips. Steel case berdan primed

Price $6.75 per box plus shipping.-> reduced to $6.50 per box (plus ship costs)

I have 149 boxes available.
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