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WTS...6k Non-corrosive 5.45x39...ALL SOLD

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Like the title says, I have 6k rounds of non-corrosive 5.45x39 for sale as follows:

2k of Golden Tiger, 59 grain lead core ball, laquered cases, all in the original 20 round boxes. I will sell this in lots of 1k. $179.00 per thousand. All Sold

2k of Wolf Military Classic, 70 grain lead core ball, poly coated cases, in the original 25 round boxes. I will sell this in lots of 1k.
$169.00 per thousand. All Sold

This last lot is 2k of Wolf Performance, 1k of 60 grain FMJ and 1k of 60 grain hollow point. The rub is, it is loose packed together in a can. I would REALLY like to sell this all together as I don't want to seperate. $325.00. Sold

Check around, you won't find lower prices anywhere. For sale elsewhere in addition to here.

Actual shipping charges will apply, but figure about 20-25 bucks per thousand. Please use PM (no e-mail) if you have any questions. If you want something, please post "I'll take it" in the thread then follow with a PM. USPS money orders ONLY. Thanks for looking. Pics to follow.

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I will take 1K of the Wolf 70grn.

No replys to PM's-

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