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bought this from tic0 - works great except the reticle doesnt show up - if i put a light on it it shows up fine and if i put 3 volts to the reticle light the reticle light comes on .....must be wiring but now im unemployed ...dont have time nor money to play with it ......if you like to tinker...this is for you ....
$285.00 shipped .....thats what i paid....now someone else can play with it....i have an extra bulb and ill leave the battery hook up...included
this does come in matching numbered metal case.....

comes with what is shown in the pic.....this is tic0's picture....I havent altered anything....
first ill take it
conus please
$ check u s postal money order ppal...your choice
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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