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Kit is SPF
I have an all matching 1988 Romanian G parts kit for sale. I picked this up at a gunshow but did not realize how rough it was until I got it home. I recommend this kit to someone who is knowledgable about building AK's. Looks like bubba got to some of the parts with a dremel. The chamber has quite a bit of grinding. The hammer, trigger, and sear are all tapco US made. The hammer has some grinding along with the bottom of the bolt carrier. Some other parts may have some grinding on them too. The furniture has been refinished with what looks to be polyurethane and has the "donkey dong" cut off the forearm. The stock only has one screw to be attached with the rear trunnion. Missing from the kit are the trigger and hammer pins and the selector stop plate. I believe I have these somewhere and will include them when I find them. The kit has some black paint that wipes off easily on it.

I can take more pictures of any piece of the kit if you request. Like I said in my description that this kit is rough, and therefore will not accept any returns on it. I am looking for $390 shipped for this kit. I am trying to get out of it what I paid. Payment can be money order or discreet paypal +3%.

I have a 100% feedback for 12 items on AR15.com under the same username (xoldsmugglerx)
I am located in Northwest NJ. Feel free to email or IM

Many more pics here: Romanian G Slideshow by xoldsmugglerx | Photobucket

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