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Up for sale is one 1982 Romanian G Code rifle kit. it has been completly demilled by me. the kit has some pretty bad corrosion on the rear trunion, and trigger guard. It has some minor rust spots on the dust cover, gas tube and rear sight block. along with some surface rust on the selector lever.

Ill be honest you might be able to work the pitting off the rear trunion and trigger guard with a sand blaster but its pretty bad. the rest of the corrosion is minor surface rust. The bore is bright and shiny.

The Barrel has some gauling from removal, and the *FRONT trunion barrel pin hole is jacked up, so you will probably want to redrill it and use an over size pin.

im looking for $150.00 take most payment types, but prefer paypal. i wont include fees. here are some pics. What you see is what you get + the FCG parts. it does not have a pistol grip screw or T block, or a cleaning rod or kit.*edit no barrel pin is included

Kit is located in FL

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