Here is a 1967 Russian Izhmash AKML kit built by AK John. I got this kit from the early 2022 imports. It's a refurb kit with a matching trunnion, bolt, carrier, top cover, gas tube, safety and sear. The kit came with the rare 3-dot bakelite grip pictured, but I put on a type 3 fat grip that matches the awesome, blood red wood. AK John taped off all of the kit paint (so only painted barrel + receiver), and used Thor's stencils for selector markings. It was built with a no-feed ramp AKB chrome-lined barrel and a matching serial Childer's receiver.

The side rail is from the guy in Poland who seems to be out of the business. As you can see from the image below, this rail pattern is correct for 1967.

Accessories are a 1967-correct Izhmash bayonet, 1967-dated sling and magazine pouch, 67 mold bakelite mag, and both grips pictured. I also have a 1967 Soviet AK operators manual that I will include.

The only thing this bundle really needs is a new muzzle device. The one included is a Romanian muzzle nut.

Bundle price is $2800 shipped. Comes with everything pictured.