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WTS: 1500 RDS. COPPER JACKETED 7.62x39 Wolf...SPF

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WTS: 1500 rounds of COPPER JACKETED 7.62x39mm Wolf. I bought this stuff a while ago and has been stored in a cool dry place. It has laquered steel casses. All in original 20 rd. boxes. Only I ripped five of the original 20 rd. boxes getting the durn things out of the ammo cans. No damage to the ammo, though. All are great in new condition.

* No sales to MA, NJ, IL, HI or any other state, city, county or municipality where prohibited.

* I recently had a mix-up with who was the first taker on a rifle I sold. I posted it on several boards at the same time. Learned my lesson. This is for sale on this board ONLY at this time.
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That's a nice price....

Damn bills are killin' my fun though...
damn man, a 16.6c per round delivered cost... i will have to do some pondering.
damnit.... ill take it.
whew, I saw this at work and hoped someone would get it before I got home...

good score...
damit!! I so would have bought that had I seen it earlyer today
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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