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I have an Egyptian MAADI with a 20" barrel, imported by A.C.C. INTRAC. Still has threads, just covered by a muzzle-nut. It has been sand-blasted and refinished (park and blue done by an actual gunsmith, not a DIY job), the dust cover and receiver were looking a bit rough in some areas and didn't want it to get any worse. Parts are serial matching and I have all of the original parts (thumbhole stock). Gun looks great and is super clean. I realize that refinishing hurts the value, but it was necessary. Looking to potentially sell or trade this firearm, but would like to know the approximate value prior to posting. I was pretty confident until the covid panic buying jacked up the market so much that I've seen I.O.'s and RAS47's listed for around $1,000.
Right Full.jpg
Left Full.jpg
Left Receiver.jpg
Right Receiver.jpg
Left Receiver Model.jpg
Right Receiver Importer.jpg
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Kind of an odd configuration.
I own one that I purchased years ago.
Personally I value mine at less than the standard 16 inch Maadi.
But maybe a collector or someone who wants to modify it to a pseudo RPK look or something or swap or cut the barrel to 16:., for the receiver as a rebuild to 16 inches etc.

Guessing $875-$950.
But in this market., who knows? ;)
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