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I am thinking about selling 8 E. Greman bakalite AK-74 mag bodys and would like to know what they are worth. I know new mags go for $30 to $40 but I never see replacement mag bodies. These bodys are mint they have no scratches on the outside and no wear on the inside or on the feed lips the factory black paint on the the metal locking lugs is still shiney and new they also have the front locking lug that is hollow which if I remember correctly means they are military mags bodys not commerical.

I also have some clear Bulg 7.62 mags I maybe selling too I need a fair price on.

I really DO NOT want to sell these but I may need to in a day or two as I need to come up with $500 ASAP to pay for repairs on my SUV. I have some items on GB I lowered the price on I am hoping to sell first these are last resort items

Thanks for the help.
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