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WTF! This makes me mad!

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http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.a ... =103890682

When I was looking for a SA-93 so I could do a T3 build there where none to be found and I got a Luger instead but now they're coming out of the woodwork! :mad: :mad: :evil: :evil: I'll probably have to pay much more than that when I get funds again! (Punches hole in wall)
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Happens all the time
Guns, women, Whatever it is...

When you want one and are looking for one,
you never find what you want.

Stop looking or don't need it, they are falling from they sky!!

You will find one...But you cant have mine! :grin:

Type 3

The 2nd model of Milled AK.
Well i went to an estate auction today and they had 2 mak 90s, a maadi, 2 mint refurb russian SKS's, a chinese paratrooper sks with bayo and a bunch of sport guns and one arisaka type 38 carbine with mum and dust shield. i got the arisaka for $100. it's a little ruff but it's worth more than that and it came with 2 boxes of norma ammo. but the Russian SKS's sold for under $200, the Chinese sold for $180, the MAKs went for around $300, the maadi had a green laminate stock with pistol grip and it went for $250, and the worst part of the auction was that they had 1,400 rounds of norinco yellow box steel core 7.62x39 went for $200! :shock: and they had a tin of Russian surplus 7.62x39 that went for $130! i would have bought it if i didn't get the arisaka. THIS AUCTION MADE ME SICK! :mad: but i got a good jap rifle for my collection.
Nice! Did you install a lower tang?
WhiteRabbit said:
Nice! Did you install a lower tang?

You can but you don't have too. Also Ironwood will make you a lower tangless (is that even a word) butt stock for the conversion if you want.
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