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WTB/WTTF SAR-1 stock set and lots of other furniture stuff

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i have a really nice bulgarian ak74 stock set at least the handguards, buttstock included too but i think its hardwood romanian?(for pictures, search my user name with threads started). its my dads rifle, and he would like the correct stockset. i would be willing to trade straight up, for a proper SAR-1 furniture set.

also looking for a yugo RPK M72 upper hand guard(just the wood)

have to trade:

-russian slabside magazines in great shape, original bluing.

- maadi buttstock(not the butthole stock) with no sling attachment.(again, pictures can be found by searching my name under the thread starter, or in the maadi section) i would add a few dollars if you wanted the maadi stock.

-yugo black handguard set from a yugo underfolder

-chinese handguard set that has the bayonet cut. just the handguards.

- i also have 2 extra east german slings(blue)

pm me with what you have, finish is not important. please dont have any dings, damage, etc. i plan on refinishing, thats why the finish isnt important.

i will be honest too, i will not ship first. i dont know why, but everyone expects me to ship first. i would prefer not to do that this time. if you need feedback, i have it here. i will give references on the board too if you would like. i am also willing to buy the parts too, granted you will accept discreet paypal(ship first doesnt apply!)
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bump bump need the sar stock set bad, want to give it to my dad for his birthday.
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