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wanted to buy- PP or USPS MO ready to go and FFL ready too

1) Romy side folder for use on a Romy Dong grip 7.62 kit

2) Romy, complete, fixed stock (the folder is going on this but the folders attach to fixed stock, single tang receivers)

3) I need a Bulgarian or Russian 5.45 Krink top cover, with or without complete sight. Hinge block a plus but not necessary.

4) Looking for a AK peep sight that replaces standard AK sight on a standard rear sight block

5) Looking for Chinese trunnions, 56-s, 84-S, MAC-90, MAC-91 etc,a long as it has a barrel hole of .762" (not caliber, barrel hole size, .762" is normal unless modified

6) Looking for Chinese recoil spring, top cover, rear trunnion, FCG and alll other parts including barrels and etc.

7).338 Lapua Mag. 250 or .300gr. loaded

8)Single Stage press- prefer Hornady or RCBS

9)Clear 5.45 magazines

10)Steel 5.45 magazines

11)Romanian Bolt in 5.45

12)1/2x28 or 14x1LH tapping dies

13)starters for above tapping dies

14)Chinese or Russian front trunnion

15)Any Armalite AR-18/AR-180 parts, manuals or material

16)Sten tube w/template

17(Sten barrel

18)Trying to get into reloading, single stage but need the scales, primer pocket cleaners, maybe tumblers, etc.

19)Egyptial Crtuch folder

20)Romy side folder

21)Beretta 83 magazines

22)Beretta 71 with fake can

23)Yugo M-77 rifle

24)Anything else you think might be interested in

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Have a little over 100 of Romanian sear,piston, hammer, trigger-groups , about 35 yugo thumbhole stocks , orange bakelite grips , izhmash 1030 orange bakelite mags, brown , red bakelite grips , korean 10 round steel mags , bulgarian military orange bakelite stock set,
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