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WTB soviet and Russian Uniforms and gear

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WTB soviet and Russian uniforms and gear. Willing to pay a good price.
For gear I want A soviet canteen in original pouch may work without one.

Soviet Mess kit

soviet grenade pouch
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I'm over in Afghanistan. One of my gun dealers had a canteen with pouch and a mess kit this last week. Both were used but nothing wrong with them. A little fading on the pouch from having been used, and that was it.

I think he wanted $20 each. You may find cheaper out there though. I'd also have to check my Kyrgz connection as well. She had a brand new canteen, but i'm not sure what she wanted for it, or if she still has it.
awesome, tell me what else he has, if he owns a lifchick, I call it... or for that matter nearly any items from the soviet afghan conflict.
My Kyrgyz contact only had the canteen, no carrier.

The gun guy only had the two items, canteen and the mess kit. I do have various guys looking for chest rigs and Krinkov slings.
agh thanks.
well put me in line for a lifchick.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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