Hey everyone, I'm new here but thought I would post a WTB ad for some parts I'm trying to find. I recently acquired a Polytech AKS front end and I'm trying to locate the remaining parts to get this build on track. I've been out of the AK game a while and noticed that Chicom parts have become harder to find as well as more expensive.

While I don't mind to pay a fair price, I would like to try to get the best deal I can. My gun building is a hobby and I have to try to stretch that budget as far as possible. I love building AKs and this front end sort of fell into my lap. So I want to do it justice by using the right parts, no matter the cost.

Here's the parts I'm looking for at the moment:

- Phenolic Red/Bakelite Lower Handguard.
  • Wood Handguard set, prefer dark color but may be interested in Blonde.
  • Correct Top Cover for a Polytech AKS.
  • Recoil Spring Assy
  • 7.62x39 Bolt
  • 7.62x39 Bolt Parts, FP, Extractor, etc.
  • Trigger Group with forged Hammer.
  • Red phenolic Grip -OR- Wood.
  • Correct Grip Screw and Nut.
  • Correct Underfolder Stock or parts.
  • Correct Safety Arm.

I believe that covers everything? If not and you have something of interest please let me know? The front end I have came with the red Phenolic upper HG but no lower which is why I'm looking for the lower. But in the event I am unable to find one I'm wanting to look at wood HGs as well.

Thanks for reading my ad.