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I need a brand new and UN-NUMBERED (NOT de-numbered) type 2 bolt made by Izhevsk.I have a brand new AKM Bolt(with lightening flutes and NEVER NUMBERED) as a trader if needs be.

If no Russian bolts are avaible does anyone have a new and un-numbered Polish,East German EARLY bolt without the lightening flutes for sale ?

I could also use a Russian Type 2 barrel complete with front sight base , gas block and rear sight base . NOT one that has had the front sight base etc removed . Barrel MUST be in excellent condition .If it IS a Type 2 barrel , a Polish or East German made barrel in mint condition might be of interest too .

I will happily pay cash for the bolt and barrel via postal money order or paypal .

Please e-mail me at : [email protected] if you can help.You might ALSO list any parts that you might need as I have quite a few extras all new and all Russian.

Spasiba Tovarishchi,

John R.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts