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I would like to add an AK to the collection. I'm looking more in the collector realm, but shooters are welcome too. A kit build is okay if done by a quality builder and retains the original barrel as well as matching numbers.

I have two lists- primary and secondary. I will hold out for a rifle on the primary list, but I would be interested in a rifle on the second list for the right price.

I can do FTF in N. IL only. I like to inspect guns before buying them. I have a valid FOID and willing to drive to you if you're north of 80 and east of Dixon.

Primary interest-

Arsenal 106FR (Serial prefix BD or newer)
Arsenal SAM7SF
Arsenal SGL-21-84
Norinco 56 with fixed stock and spiker. (No MAK 90s)
Milled Russian with arsenal proof marks on receiver. (reweld)

Secondary interest-

Hungarian AMD-63
Two Rivers (or other high end builder) Egyptian crutch side folder with Hindi marks on trunnion, RSB, and sight leaf.
RPK 7.62 any origin (except Romanian), preference for a Yugo.
Might be interested in any parts kit with original barrel and matching numbers.

Thats all I can think of for now. Let me know what you have. I'll be available to meet late next week. Too busy with work right now, but I'm looking forward to a new toy.

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