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WTB: gas tube, rear sight block, 22mm trunion etc...

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Putting together a 7.62x25mm ak, and i need some spare parts, I am listing what I need and then an approx. value in parenthesis (). I am open to offers.

22mm front trunion (40$)

Gas tube, saiga, amd 65, romy, pretty much any gas tube as it will be cut down (10) slight preference to one w/ HG retainers

Romy lower and upper handguard w/ hardware - finish is not important, will be refinished (12) Romy "G" type prefered.

Rear Sight Block W/ Sight leaf (12) pretty much any make or model

Front Sight block w/ front sight, saiga, romy, pretty much any make/model, does not need bayo lug (12)

I prefer pics if you have them so I can see what you have. We can work cash or trade or both, short list of what I have for trade:

tapco sks gas tube w/ polymer gas tube cover
3x 40 round rpk mags in very good used shape
2x 10 round chinese steel ak mags w/ us made followers
belt buckle knife (http://bucklehead.com/) plain model, very cool item if you haven't seen one before
Valmet ejection port buffer (http://www.robertrtg.com/valmetbuffer.html)
2x used Ak 74 mags East German
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RSB complete w/1000m sight --exc. cond $17 + ship

AKM FSB complete w/post, sprg & plunger & pins --new cond $18 + ship

AK FSB (bare) no bayo lug --near new $6 + ship
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