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WTB Chinese Wooden Stock

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Couple months ago I was taking the wood stock off my Norinco 56S. Well i had an ugh oh moment and broke a nice chunk off it. Im look for a wooden stock for her now. Keep in mind I am in Iraq but I can have my brother or sister mail a PMO. *please PM me with offers.
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Chi-com Buttstock

:wink: Try Polytechparts.com. The buttstock will come in a "raw" finish but You can finish it to match your handgaurds unless you click the "specials" at the top of the page and get a complete matching set which has all the metal and a fat checkered pistol grip along with it. The set is resonable and if you go that route let me know and I may be interested In your old parts to help recoup some of your funds. :mad: Mad Max son of Madtechcool :cool:
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