Looking for a couple of run of the mill
"Black (10) waffles" (762x39) that still have the little rectangular
"Made in Bulgaria" sticker intact.

Have a few of them I never tore the stickers from and have 2 Bulgy pouches that Ive decided to do an oddball project and pouch some NOS waffles and due to having some with stickers I never tore off, my OCD leans toward pouching those as examples (mostly to fill the pouches and it being tedious trying to choose from waffles in general so the stickers help this purpose).

**Prefer to Offer Cash BUT I MAY consider trading 1x MINTY collector grade Tula bakelite for 2x "White stickered" black (10) waffles.

I'm a bit hesistant to trade off anymore of my A+ grade "Collector" Bakes with original internals that were cherry picked 10 years ago; especially due to current events and the upcoming drought...

Down to a small amount of my absolute keepers but only offering trade as some people prefer trade over cash offers...

For the sake of filling a spot in an RPK pouch, NOW also looking for:

1x Black waffle 40 with White
(or Clear/black) sticker on the top side portion, same as on the 30s.