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Who offered to pull vz58 barrels?

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Does anybody remember a member who was offering to pull vz 58 barrels? I think they were doing it for $10, and I think it was on this forum, but I'm not sure. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
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Offer still stands. :smile:
Wow, you guys are fast. Thanks obiwanbonjovi for the link. Rbthntr64 I will get a pm out to you tomorrow. What a great forum!
how about someone that could press in and head space a barrel?? price?? i am just not sure if i am up to it..
There was some talk of ORF offering this service. It would also require permanently attaching the muzzle attachment unless you have an approved form 1.
Is there a tutorial on how this pulling is done? Thanks, curious in Canada, and can't send it across the border. I really want to know.
CanuckZ said:
Is there a tutorial on how this pulling is done? Thanks, curious in Canada, and can't send it across the border. I really want to know.
These are in with a very tight press fit. I use a 20 ton press and it pressures up quite high before it pops. Once it starts moving, it is probably only taking 10 tons. I made a short arbor to start the press, then move to progressively longer ones. The video is one of the first ones I pressed out.

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Rbthntr64/Dave, received the pulled barrels and am very happy. Great workmanship, absolutely no galling, packaging first rate. Anybody having doubts about pulling their own barrel should jump on this service, why take a chance ruining a kit, and the price is certainly right. Thanks Dave!
Still offering tis service. My turnaround is one business day. Barrels will be pressed the same day recieved, and turned around the next business day.
Received a couple of barrels today that the guy had the barrel pins buggered up pretty good. I was able to get them out, but if i would have had to machine down to good pin, it would have increase the price of the job. Please, if you want me to remove your barrels from the stubs, don't try to get the barrel pin out before sending them. I have the proper tools to do this job also.

PS: Still one day turnaround :wink:
Hi guys ,new kid here , I read on another site where some guys were freezing the barrels ,and then heating the receiver a little bit with only a propane torch.
I have seen Machine shops do this on other parts ,and i just wondered if anyone here has ever tried it.
I dont think propane will get the metal hot enough to hurt the temper , but i don't know for sure.
I wouldn't. The machine shops usually use a heater not a torch. It's not worth ruining you receiver. I just chucked up the muzzle and put a live center at the chamber end and took it down untill I had a .0005-.001 press fit. If the temper is affected, the lugs could soften causing a dangerous headspace condition.
:smile: Still offering this service with many satisfied customers.
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