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Who does Gold Leaf and QUALITY Engraving

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I mean super quality. I have a picture of a vietnam commertive edition, and this AK has dragons all over it with golf leaf..Super engraving. I can't post pics, but if someone can pm me, I'll send them along.
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I've got him covered as soon as he sends the pics. :smile:
Thanks Guys. I can't tell if the forthcoming is engraved and leafed, or perhaps leafing on the surface? Certainly would like to find an engraver who could quality work as such? :smile:
I feel like there is some secret passing going around here....Let's see the pics and info!!!
Robpiat said:
I feel like there is some secret passing going around here....
Combine my Avatar and your location (Roswell)... :lol:
Ahh, an FEG.
Yep, an Hungarian. The leafing appears to be on the surface? :confused:
Doesn't look etched to me, I'd say "On the surface"

Nice though!
I figured so. Darn. Anyone know of an engraver that could come close to that shown? I have seen some super nice examples in the past, but never met up with the engravers.
I know 2 great firearms engravers..you said you want to spend how much? 2 or 3 grand? quality work is not cheap, and be ready for backlog of at least two years. That stuff in the pic is not engraved. If your serious send me a pm and I will send you their contact info.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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