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What's Your Favorite Rifle That You Own And Why?

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I just hought I'd like to start a thread where everyone could post what the favorite rifle that they own is and why...

Please, no rude comments...just share what you have & why it's your favorite with everyone else here...

My favorite rifle that I own is my "M-4gery Carbine-type Thingy". :twisted:

It's my favorite because I built it myself, I can hit what I'm shooting at out to about 250 yards with ease and it's NEVER jammed.

I'm at work and don't have access to my pictures right now, but I'll post a picture tonight after I get home.

O.K., guys...let's hear about yours... :grin:
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my trusty ruger 10/22! ive had it over 10 years i can hit just about anything in .22 lr range and it never malfunctions! lol

then i would have to say its a toss up between my Tantal, G19 and my new to me EG Makarov
favorite looking, has to be my aes-10b. favorite shooting, has to be the ruger 10/22. its cheap to shoot... but it needs a new stock with pistol grip, and new trigger(stock is really heavy)
I have three Arsenal SA M7R's. Two of them qualify as my "favorites" because they were sighted in dead-on at the factory (with minor elevation adjustment on my part), and I've fired both of them enough now that they qualify as SHTF weapons.
if they're not my favorites, i don't own em. except for the 12 ga for 3gun, the revolver for the wife, and the surp 303 my Dad gave me, I have to keep those.

all reliable semi-autos are my favs- 3 aks, 2 ruger 22s and a glock.
Probably my bakelite '74 (deathbud, they aint for sale :wink: ) , then my Smith & Wesson Model 5-screw .38 :wink:
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Tough question I like them all. My favorite is my Steyr Aug A1 preban.
Accurate easy to maintain good ergos quality and just flat out cool.
Mosin Nagant 91/30.

Regardless of what else I take to the range, the Mosin will always go too. It has been one of the most accurate and reliable guns I've got, so if any other rifle gives me trouble, I can still enjoy a day of shooting.
My dad gave me my great grandmother's Marlin 22 when I turned 14. Its a bolt action with a peep eye site. Insanely accurate, cheap to shoot and I can hit a gnats butt with it. Nothing more fun then making an aluminum can dance for under $1.
My WASR 22 ( iT'S GIVEN me an inexpensive way to learn & enjoy the AK platform in California (And keep Pistol Grip & detachable magazines)...
My M1A. It has a USGI chrome lined barrel, will shoot 1 1/2" off the bench at 100 yrds. with aussie surplus, it's also totally reliable. It's also one of the most ambidextrious weapons out there ( I'm a lefty).
My Galil. I built it and it is smooth as butter.

Side arm would be my home built 1911.

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Shiloh Sharps #1 Sporter, 1/2 Octagon 1/2 round 30" barrel in 45-70.
55 months to get it from when i ordered it. Love shooting it with BP loads.


S+W Mod 25 4" .45LC. Bought it almost sight unseen for $325.
I had been looking for one for 5 years when it showed up on
a monday in the used/consignment case at the shop i worked at.

This is tough!

Favorite handgun is a toss up between my XD45 and CZ82. I love them both for the same reasons. They just plain fit me and work for me better than anything else I have ever picked up. Fine quality. Excellent triggers I can work with and zero malfuctions. Which one I carry just depends on the horse power I want to have handy.

Favorite rifle? Man, that is close!
I have a number that work so well. But if I had to keep just one do it all plinker and work gun, it'd be an SKS. Light, handy, accurate, easy to maintain and easy to shoot well. It's like a baby brother to my Garand!
My CMP Correct Grade Garand made in 1954 by Springfield Armory.

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My first AK, an Arsenal SAM7. I bought it on the sound advice of Templar. :smile: A very, very close second, however, is my Springfield M1A that I bought in the early 90s. It has all USGI parts and (like the AK) as been 100% reliable in every way. But if someone said, Take just one gun and walk into hell, I'd take the AK without hesitation.
I would have a hard time deciding between my AKS74, AK102 clone and the 10/22 my fiancee has....
It's hard to say which one, but i do love my 43 dou K98K (rc).
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The .22 Belgian Browning trombone my father taught me to shoot with,when I was five.
He passed away a couple of years ago.
I hold the rifle and remember...
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