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$1400 on a good day. Not even properly converted ones are going for $1800+ they’re sitting.
The one sale currently showing on GunBroker was for $1,575 and this one is nicer.
Arsenal sa93…Bulgarian AK 47.sa 93 - Semi Auto Rifles at GunBroker.com : 911784745

Gunbroker is not a good indicator of prices the forums are. You’re going to see all kinds of dumb results from gunjoker.
I'd say GunBroker is a better indicator if it's an actual auction and the seller has good feedback. The auction listed above checks those two boxes.

Looks like Mak 90 furniture on it
But it's not. I remember those furniture sets being sold back in the day. They were either Bulgarian or Hungarian, I forget which. They're nice looking though.

This shouldn't be more than $1500
I'd say this is easily a $1,500 rifle. Add another $100 to $150 if the original box, accessories, stock set, etc. are included. That said, the OP has four posts and doesn't appear to be a GunBroker seller. No offense, but that's going to really hurt the list of potential buyers. I wouldn't take the risk on such a transaction. This might limit to in person or a local gun shop. Less potential buyers equates to a lower selling price.
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