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What the deal with NDS-3?

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I am planning on a another build and i was wondering what the story is on the NDS-3? Why is it so cheap? :confused:
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It does not have the stepped down rails, the holes are drilled for the trunnion and there are selector marks on the side of the receiver. They are just an economy receiver. I have used several and have no problems with them. You have to do a little fitting here and there but it is not a big deal. They are perfect for Rommie fixed stock builds.
They build and sell them in large quanities. And, they dont have some features the "premium" receivers in the line up do. The website tells exactly what. They are a good value, and there are many AKs using this receiver.
As a shooterr, you'll never know the difference once built. They just lack some frills the others have. The Nodak site spells it out. If I remember right, they come with English selector markings.
They are cheap because they make a lot of them for Century or someone
As they say there are no dumb questions,just dumb people.
Here is my 2nd question-Whats a stepped down rail?
that and a Tapco FCG won't always work correctly in one.
Has anyone noticed that the factory holes in the rear seem to set the trunnion a little high thus causing a gap between the selector and top cover??
This was brought to my attention recently and looking at my other builds on the nds 3's they all seem to have a little gap there and this is not an accurence on my rifles using there other recievers.
I just built two this morning on two of the nicest non-G kits from Apexgunparts. Went together like a dream, everything lined up perfectly. NDS-3 receivers? Just be glad they're available. They are a great value.
m274 said:
what the story is on the NDS-3? Why is it so cheap? :confused:
So you can build 50 of them & not break the bank! :wink:

They are truly great receivers!
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