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This came from where I work. We care rifle around with breach blocks in them so I’m now wondering if those blocks caused some sort of damage in the chamber area in some of the rifles. We shot I think 8 rifles from shift on thrusday. I think I’m going to avoid those pieces of brass and scrap them. Thanks for everyone’s input.
Is it from your own rifle or a spent brass range pick up? What type of rifles? Factory ammo or reloaded? What does the brass look like after you resize it?

Without further info, in tight times such as these, I would separate them in a gallon zip lock back or such.

Maybe you can get one more cheap range ammo firing out of them, maybe not. I'd be very concerned if your or any rifle puts out spent brass that looks like that.

If they are trashed, you could still sell them for scrap value, possibly make .300BO and definitely make 7.62 Tokarev out of them along with selling them to someone for those purposes.
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