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What is correct?

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I have 72 build with a east german sidefolder. Is a crutch folder correct, or sidefolder correct? Or are both correct?
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Crutch. The bulk of '71 and '72 KMS production was shipped to Egypt in preparation for the '73 Yom Kippur War. All these rifles had crutch sidefolders.
Thanks for the info. I have two different styles of crutch folders, one matching the egyptian style finish and the other matches the blueing of the east german finish. It appears that the Egyptian's either refinished them or made them.
Sure would like to see a pic when you "get er done"! :goof:
It's all matching #'s built on a Steyr receiver. I haven't put the crutch on yet wasn't sure if it was correct. It's a 70'.

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Hmm, we don't have any information on 1970 MPI's in our MPi Configuration Database sticky...hint...hint :)
sasm7 said:
It's all matching #'s built on a Steyr receiver. I haven't put
How did you get around removing the original Maadi trunnion with it being the actual S/N of the receiver?
Some virgin receivers came in the 80's.
Thank you, it is one of my prize posessions.
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