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What happened to the Hugarian 20 rounders ?

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A couple years ago I purchased a few brand new Hungarian 20's for like $12 each.

Now I don't ever see any being sold. Well, except the 30's.

Who's got them....at reasonalbe prices ?
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Apex gun parts has them for $12.00.
Now I remember, that's where I got mine last time.

Thanks for jogging my memory. :hail:
Tapco had them maybe 7-8 years ago, $3.99. Bought a couple never knew I'd love 'em. It's a crazy hoby we have. :smile:
I've bought 4 packs from World War Surplus and Centerfire. Centerfire is $10 cheaper but the mags from WWSurplus shipped quicker and came wrapped in arsenal paper along with romanian pouches.


I have bought the 20 rounders from both Apex Gun Parts and from World War Surplus. Apex also ships them in the wrap and only charges $12 per mag and ships very quickly too.
Just don't do the stupid thing I did.

I went to sportsmansguide, typed in "hungarian", which gets you this:

That f'ing picture shows a hungarian 20rd magazine.

I saw 5 pack for 53.97 (club price) and hit add to cart.

My mistake was that it says there that they are "Made in USA" right in the description. When did sportsmansguide turn into eBay?

They are actually these:

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Got the same ones from sportsmans, there site shows hungarian's, and you get crap,floor plates stuck, rattled badly in both my Yugo's . They got sent back.
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