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What do you think of THIS gun?

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Basically it's a shotgun, and I've read on Russian forums that it's a useless piece of junk which is extremely inaccurate. I was wondering maybe someone here on this forum has saw-off like this?
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Looks like a mismatch between all kinds of weapon....I see some AKMS foldingstock in there, and correct me if I'm mistaken but it looks like they modified a Mosin Nagant stock for this weapon...

Bolt action shotgun???? weird
Bolt action two shot shotgun? What a crock of shit.
IIRC that is the famous "gun" on the ISS
bolt action shotguns are actually fairly common, next time you are in a small gunshop take a look at the used shotgun rack, my local dealer has at least 7-8 bolt action shotguns......i have been toying with the idea of building a precision slug thrower.... :twisted:
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