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We want your parts kits!

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Our lead time continue to shrink, we're now turning ready to go AKM kits out in a month.There are a lot of kits that just hit the market and if you want to beat the rush get yours in now. If you have everything ready to go we are ready to build it now! If its going to need special attention due to custom request those builds may take a little longer.
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I have a slew of kits that I am wanting to finish up. Do you offer discounts for multiple kits? :)
OK. I just always called them original barrel kits. I never heard them described as OG before, but now I know. Thanks.
OG stands for "original gangster". It's millennial speak and a reference to 80s hip hop culture.

As a millennial I use the term pretty often but I guess you gotta be in the know. ;)
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The "OG" term is older that the word millennial. I think the word you are looking for is "entitled"
Not sure what exactly you are trying to say. I was not implying millennials created the word. I was saying it seems to have been picked up in usage for anything referred to as "original". Maybe I am wrong.

Either way, sounded like it was probably somewhat of a jab. Entitled people plague every generation and humans suck in general, but whatever you gotta tell yourself. People grow and mature unless they are politicians. I think Bret's anecdote covers it pretty well.

The Lost Generation complained about the Greatest Generation. Isn't there a Socrates quote along those lines too?

Oh and Bret, my daily driver has roll up windows and I own two 60s classic cars that I restored, so yes. The Scat Pack Challenger I own does have automatic windows though. But all of my cars are stick shifts. ;)

Anyways, we are off topic. I am going to post some pics of my TRA builds on here tonight to get things back on track!
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TRA, are you guys doing scrap crushed receiver builds?
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Just got this beauty back from TRA. Balkins "sanitized" East German MPi-KM with original Suhl barrel.
Nice! Did you leave it sanitized? I always thought it would be cool to do a sanitized build.
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