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WD: Arsenal SLR107F and lancaster pistol $1350 : WD

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Selling 2 guns here, an Arsenal SLR-107F and a Lancaster AK pistol. Will accept PayPal +3.5%, USPS money order, certified check from a bank, possibly other options. NO TRADES. NONE. Sorry, but not looking to do the trade thing now. Asking $700 for each gun. Or $1350 for both of them. Price given is the SHIPPED price. Will sell each for $25 less for FTF in Phoenix, AZ area, or $1325 for both.

The rundown on the Arsenal:

Rifle was purchased brand new by me in the past week. Has 60 flawless rounds through it. Came with a test target, but no longer have the target. Sorry. I chucked it when I got home with the rifle. Serial is in the AE range. Comes with the 5 round magazine I got with the rifle. Has the newer compensator on it. No finish issues at all. Shoots dead on. I haven't zeroed it, but the front sight post is straight, and is certainly not a bad egg. View pics for the Arsenal here:

http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii31 ... 0SLR-107F/

The rundown on the Lancaster:

Pistol was purchased brand new by me in the past week also. Has 60 flawless rounds through it. Comes with one 30 round magazine (the one that came with it, not sure on country of origin). Blond handguards are slightly lighter in color than pistol grip. Comes with KVar AK-74 sling it's pictured with. View pics for the Lancaster AK pistol here:

http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii31 ... %20Pistol/

Any questions, please IM me. My IM's are automagically checked through my e-mail every 60 seconds, so when I'm not at work, your IM will be answered promptly. All other forum rules apply (first I'll take it claim rules the day, etc)...This is NOT on other forums, only here. Thanks for looking, and I hope I covered everything. :grin:
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