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Want to buy rivets

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Who is the member that sells the rivet sets. I would like to contact him.
Thanks [email protected]
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I will have rivet ses available very soon. My rivet sets will be the best domestically produced sets available. I will have the ak74 flat head sidefolder rivets as well as the correct flat head trigger guard rivet available. They should be out next month. K-var sells these sets for around 15 dollars before shipping for the AK74s rivet set. I will have these available for around 9 dollars shipped! and the fixed stock sets will be even cheaper.

If you need a set now look in the market place I think you will find the member there. If you can wait I guarentee you will not find a better rivet set except from the factory. Even then I bet my rivets are better quality steel than the factory rivets.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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