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Hey everyone,

This is an update to a post I made in the Romanian subforum a while back. I accidentally posted there instead of here, but I waited until I had more to say to correct the error.

In August I purchased a Waffen Werks AK-74 (stamped, not milled) from AGS Armament and it had problems from the get-go. Stovepipes, failures to eject, failures to feed, and a curious failure to extract (a live round stayed in the chamber when I worked the charging handle but it ejected just fine when I fired). I am using 7n6 ammo that came in a sealed spam can.

The first time I took the gun to the range I started by loading 30 rounds into the magazine, and I could not go more than 2 rounds without a malfunction. I then loaded ~5 rounds at a time, and I had almost no malfunctions (I think I had a single stovepipe on the last round once). The second time I took the gun to the range I started by loading ~5 at a time and I had absolutely no problems. I tried loading 30 rounds, and–you guessed it–I had the same problems.

I initially attributed the malfunctions to the magazine because that seemed to be the independent variable in the equation, and because I hadn't heard very positive things about Tapco mags on here and the other forums. I decided to try a different magazine, so I bought a Russian surplus magazine (I don't remember where from) to see if that would help. Well, I took it to the range today and I had the same problems with the Russian mag fully loaded (now I can add a double feed to the list of malfunctions). I could probably buy a Bulgarian surplus mag and try again, but I'm fairly certain magazines aren't the problem. I'm thinking the problem is with gun itself (my guess is the extractor, but this is my first AK so I don't know).

I called DDI Arms when I got home and they sent me an email with a Firearm Return Form, so I will be sending it to them in the next few days. I will keep y'all updated on the situation as best as I can. As an undergrad I won't have time to check this thread everyday, but rest assured I will be checking in periodically. I appreciate any and all feedback with regards to DDI repairs, shipping my firearm, turning it into a club, etc.?
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