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WAAAY OT: Just a little rant...55 mph speed limit?

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Come on. What's up with this retarded senator that thinks lowering the national speed limits on the highways to 55 mph like "back in the day" is going to save gas? I haven't heard people thinking past the fact that slowing down MAY save some gas. I say MAY because modern cars aren't made to be efficient at 50-55 mph like back in the 70s and 80s. The VAST majority of the US interstate system outside of cities is 65+ mph. Heck, I've seen as high as 80 mph back home in Arizona. I know I get better gas mileage at 70-75 than I do at 55-60.

I haven't heard anyone address the issue of a simple little equation. Rate X Time = Distance. Um, what's so hard to understand that if distance is to remain constant (same destination), if rate/speed goes down, the time MUST go up a corresponding amount to balance the equation? So, IF you save a little gas by slowing down it's negated (or more than negated) because you spend more TIME in the car burning gas over a LONGER period at a potentially LESS efficient speed. So, if my 80 drops to 55 in Az, that's a 31.25% decrease in speed and my drive time is that much longer. So my three hour trip would now take me almost an HOUR longer (0.94 of an hour to be exact). Yeah, that extra hour is really going to save me gas in the AZ summer with the A/C going full blast versus arriving an hour earlier. :roll:

I also view this as nothing more than creating a nation of pissed off drivers. It would now take forever to get anywhere and would most likely to cause the roads to become even more unsafe. There's going to be tons of people that will still drive 70, 80, etc and lowering the speed limit creates a much higher speed differential. This would cause even more road rage since so many are already frustrated and pissed off with their lives. Also, coming up on someone at 55 by surprise at 80 mph could mean the difference between a near miss and a potentially serious collision because that much more speed has to be scrubbed off in an instant.

Another thing that will hit this already crappy economy is how it would affect the long haul truckers. Everything from the crap we buy at China-Mart to the food we eat will cost even more. I don't know how those big diesel engines work, but if it's like my car analogy, they'll burn even more fuel by going slower. At the very least, it will seriously lengthen delivery times, especially for the coast to coast runs. I bet it would add days. That means more overnight stops, food and supplies for the driver and we all know an increase in operating costs ALWAYS gets passed on to the end user, i.e. the consumer. That is all. Thank you for letting me vent now flame away! :cool:
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I can't drive... 55. :mad:
They don't care...If it doesn't save gas, they will say
"It's will save lives" instead.
Nobody in DC gives a rats ass about reality, nor do they have a
concept of what the real people in this country have to deal with.

Don't even get me started on Global Warming, alternative fuel,
and the environmental fucktards that are screwing up this county... :evil:

i generally get the best mileage goin 75 on the NYS thruway.

lower speed limits increase congestion.. given the same number of lanes.
I thought about this a little more. I stupidly realized that travel time is NOT a factor. MPG is MPG, plain and simple.

Let's consider a 100 mile trip.

I have a vehicle that gets 25 mpg at 55 mpg and 20 mpg at 75 mph. Easy math.

To travel 100 miles at 55 mph means I burn FOUR gallons. Doesn't matter that it took me longer to get there.

To travel 100 miles at 75 mph means I burn FIVE gallons. Doesn't matter that I got there quicker.


I was thinking more along the lines of how an aircraft burns fuel. It is measure in gallons or pounds per HOUR.

Maybe the longer trip at the more efficient speed would cause ME to burn more gas because of all the damned pee breaks my wife needs. All that extra burnt gas on start ups or me waiting with the engine idling. :roll:

Should have seen her when she was pregnant. Could have measured our trip in "rest stops per MILE"! :shock:

I guess I got caught up in the fact that MY car gets better mileage at higher speeds than 55 mph. I'd bet a great many modern cars are the same way, so I DO maintain that a higher speed/shorter trip burns less gas because of this.
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Most cars are most efficient when they are driving in their top gear ratio at the engine speed that cooresponds with their torque peak.

In my VW that is 3000rpm which is about 80mph in top gear. I get about 30mpg at that speed. If I slow down to 55 the MPG actaully goes down to about 28mpg. Above 80mph (Like when I went an average speed of 90 to Ohio) I saw about 26mpg.

You can especially help your mpg by drafting. Even being 300 feet behind a semi will increase your efficiency by 5%. When you get to 150ft your MPG goes up by 60 percent.

I drafted a semi once in the Jetta at about 50ft and reset the computer and saw an indicated 60mpg...

Sounds like some of the tricks the hypermilers use. And your case is the same as mine. At a higher speed than 55 mph you WILL burn less gas. And, for really long trips, you'll arrive much sooner and less stressed out and fatigued.
All i know is no matter what the speed limit here in texas we will continue to go minimum 10+ over it. With plenty going 20 over. The people who actually "speed" go alot faster :)
Just think of the all the revenue generated from increased speeding tickets. LOL
AK-47 said:
Just think of the all the revenue generated from increased speeding tickets. LOL
Yeah, so much for an fucking gas savings. :roll:
Not to mention the simple fact that my time is worth money - more than the value of whatever gas I might save by spending more time on the road.
As much as I dislike Nazi ideology, I find no fault with their traffic laws. Anything else is state revenue generation and an attempt to further the demmycrat energy policy (no cars, no driving, no oil).
armakraut said:
As much as I dislike Nazi ideology, I find no fault with their traffic laws. Anything else is state revenue generation and an attempt to further the demmycrat energy policy (no cars, no driving, no oil).
that's not a policy it's a pipedream.
If they pull the "55 mph bullshit" again, then they will have fucked up my other love. Cars and traveling. Like the "Gasoline Cabal" hasn't already taken enough away from us. They've already fucked up the gun industry (my other love.) I think I'll just take my new FN SLP shotgun and blow my fucking brains out...
stupid crap!

then they want to pass a law where you cant run AC in your ride.

im sure the police would love the 55 mph speed limit it would be field day of tickets!
How could they enforce the A/C thing?
dtemplar said:
How could they enforce the A/C thing?
i was just joking about that. they couldnt enforce that.

meaning driving with no AC on would save gas also.
Skrilla, your avatar is mesmerizing!

What state was it that wanted to pass some bullshit law that if you were to sit idling your engine for more than 3 minutes, you had to shut it off? I think it was Kalipornia.
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