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For Sale:

1. VZ58 Parts Kit in fair to good condition. Barrel has been pulled and mics at .826 at the thinnest up to .830. I cannot fit it into my ORF VZ receiver by hand.

Missing lower handguard retaining plate and stock. Tip of "clothesline" retaining pin has been broken.

Bore is good with strong rifling but has some imperfections toward the front. I would rate this kit as a "C+" overall because of the barrel. Everything else is B+ or better. What you see is what you get. $105 $90 shipped.

2. SPF - VZ58 receiver stub with locking lugs intact. Dated 1960. $22 SPF shipped.

3. SPF - VZ58 Barrel Arbor. Made from surplus Yugo gas piston. Threads have been cut off and then turned. $20 SPF shipped.

First "I'll take it" posted gets it. PM me with questions and if you'll take it. Payment by US postal money order.
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