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VZ58 DEAL..You cant beat SPF

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Ok guys I have the ultimate vz starter kit..I have an in range vz58 rifle that came as a folder and I may have put 20 flawless rounds out of it when the little nut that hold the folder pin came off..So I purchased a complete fixed stock kit for it and swaped it to a fixed stock.You will get the following
vz fixed stock rifle/with folder that needs the little nut.
Complete vz kit for extra parts
bayo and sheeth
8 mags and one of wich is the compliant mag that it came with
vz58 4 mag pouch
correct sling
cleaning kit
All for 830.00 plus shipping
Must go to ffl
First Ill tale it gets it followed by a pm
This is the correct grey one.

pics available to the serious.
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