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Picked up this neat old .22 lever gun yesterday from an older gentleman who had it sitting around in storage. The action needed a good cleaning cause it was Gunked up, but other than that the thing is in very good condition. I wasn't able to find the manual on this Gun for the field strip but the action wasn’t too complicated to figure out, Will say After the cleanup that this thing has a very pleasant action, thing cycles like butter!! Only thing that needs some work is the buttstock as it has cracked around where the butt meets the receiver, will need to get educated on the appropriate fix.

The barrel says it can handle Shorts, Longs, and Long Rifle.

Just thought I’d share this piece of nostalgia with you all just Cause:)





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Those are nice little guns, I like lever action 22s (hell, I like most guns :p).
That ones gonna be a pain to fix, it looks like the crack goes almost all the way through the stock at the back of the tang. If it does it might be easier to cut through what little bit remains and fix it as one piece. You'll have to try and profile a small replacement piece for the missing section on the right side if your try and fix what's there so it's gonna not match very well.

If a good shooter to use for a long time is what you're wanting out of it it might be easier to cut off the broken part of the stock to make a flat section to work with, cut a small dovetail into the original stock from where it joins to the gun back toward the shoulder pad but leave about 1/2 an inch of stock uncut. Cut out your replacement piece with the male cut to the dovetail so they slip fit tight. Profile the replacement part to fit correctly when you're ready to perm fix them together put a very light amount of wood glue on the two pieces and clamp them together for drying. Give it a day then drill down from the top and glue in 2-3 small wooden dowels on each side to help hold the pieces together and let set. You can cut your dowels to be just a little bit shorter than the hole or drill like 1/10 of an inch below the level of the stock and fill the holes with wood paste or the like for refinishing the stock.

Get a checking tool that matches the spacing and degree of that pattern, you can trace the existing lines to finish the pattern, but if you're careful with your cut it looks like you'll just barely catch the last diamond and point of the lines, so you might be able to get away with just a good scribe and an exacto if you have a little patience and don't mess up the bulk of the checkering during the stock refinish. I'd use a decent stripper and a soft tooth brush to strip the checkering and decide from there.

I'm sure someone is gonna come behind me and tell you not to go through all the trouble of cutting and dovetailing, but that's a weak spot on that stock, they break there because of that weakness. Just "break off the piece drill a little hole in each side and put it back together with a dowel and a little wood glue" isn't going to hold up on that stock with use. Anything you can do to strengthen your repair is gonna go a long way toward it being a lasting fix.

Might try this place, they have a load of old stocks.. Mossberg Gun Parts email them, they typically have stuff that's not listed.
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