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Thinking I'd never really own a VEPR or Saiga, I never really paid attention to what people have been doing to maintain the correct number of US parts once they begin to alter the rifles/shotguns and be able to have fun things like folding stocks, etc... but that's about to change.

Reading through some posts, a lot of things seem to be outdated or custom solutions from back in the day when VEPRs/Saigas were only coming in in the heavily neutered form... that or the posts are sparse detail-wise. There's also a lot of dead links or websites that no longer stock whatever parts the original links were for. I'm still planning on reading more, but figured I'd ask at the source and check out the Saiga board as well.

So I ask, what are you guys using that has been working well to convert your rifles? I see there's a lot of parts, but I'd like to know what you've had the best luck with.

I've heard that your standard Tapco G2 is a good start for upping compliance parts, and something about pucks, but beyond that, I'm pretty new to this.

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