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We were not asked, but I felt some of us would want to know.

Posted on behalf of our friends at AR15.COM

I will be sending a cash donation directly to Ed Sr via US Mail tomorrow.

If you wish to donate, read below.



I do not do this often, but I need help!

We pride ourselves in the fact that we take care of our own,when they are in need.

In the past,we have helped people who have lost -or were close to losing- their homes. We have helped veterans in desperate need of financial assistance,when they have fallen on hard times.We have helped the sick,as well as those overseas, fighting for freedom and risking their lives in the military.

Tonight,I ask you to help a good man who fits all the criteria mentioned above.

This man is a combat veteran and member of the site. He has always given cash and donated his time whenever it was necessary without ever expecting anything in return.

He is seriously ill with a lethal disease of the liver, that will require a transplant.

His disease-Primary Billiary cirrhosis (PBC) -is not the result of him abusing his body with alcohol, drugs or anything else.It is a disease that affects some people,in a similar way to Diabetes,Lupus,etc.(IOW,not "self inflicted")

I will not bore you with details,but I must tell you some basic facts.

His medical care will apparently be covered by the VA, so we do not have to worry about the horrendous medical expenses that will be incurred with the transplant.Thank God that in his case, the VA will not abandon one of our veterans in times of need,as has happened to so many other vets.

Because of his debilitating illness and jaundice (yellow skin,eyes,etc) due to the non-functioning liver, he can no longer be employed.

What we need to help him with,is food,rent,utilities and other expenses until he gets his transplant.He is the kind of man who has not said a word about his condition (I found out through another person) and has continued participating in the site.............. at a limited and deminished rate.

If giving him a piece of my liver were possible (I already asked) ,I would not think twice about being his donor.Unfortunately,it seems that a partial liver transplant is not a possibility in his case. That is the kind of man I am talking about.

I ask you to open your heart to one of our brothers, AS IS SO CHARACTERISTIC OF THIS COMMUNITY,and send whatever you can to help him through this hurdle.

Mrs Gloftoe has been designated as the person to collect the contributions, both because she is trustworthy, and because she is already handling the initial urgent collection that was done to get him through this month when we found out.

If you'd like to contribute via Paypal, please send your donation to: [email protected]
(If you have sent a payment to the other address she gave you, that's fine too. It all goes to the same account.)

For those who prefer to use checks or MO send to:

Ed Avila
1657 W Bloomfield Rd
Honeoye Falls,NY 14472

I will forward her the contributions
I will open the pledges with $200.

Thank you in advance,and God bless you all!

Ed Avila
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